IGCSE Exam Prep Programme

Designed for students who is in their final preparation leading to their IGCSE exams, our IGCSE Exam Prep Programme is an intensive revision booster to prepare students for success in their IGSCE journey.

TLL’s tried and tested curricular approaches and teaching techniques, which have helped thousands of students to achieve examination success, will be used to guide students in strengthening their subject mastery and examination performance.

Choose from the following subjects:

Learn how to critically analyse task requirements, extract salient information, structure and write a narrative essay, apply literary techniques and form compelling responses, among other skills. Enrol now.

Learn how to tackle common exam questions and key topics students typically struggle with including Geometry, Trigonometry, Mensuration and Algebra. These topics make up a significant percentage of the examination. Enrol now.

Learn how to identify key concepts and phrases to tackle open-ended questions with confidence across a large number of topics covered in the paper. Enrol now.

Learn how to identify the right concepts and phrases to answer open-ended questions and avoid common pitfalls. Enrol now.

Learn how to tackle different topics covered in the examination including Stoichiometry, Electricity and Chemistry, and Organic Chemistry. Students can also learn how to analyse questions and data to identify the best way to apply key concepts and avoid common pitfalls. Enrol now.

Programme Highlights

Thorough Analysis of Past Year Papers

We dissect past year papers and examiner reports to identify key areas and topics which IGCSE candidates commonly struggle with to help our students in identifying focus areas and avoiding common mistakes and pitfalls.

Exposure to Different Question Types

We teach our students how to tackle key question types, including how to analyse the questions and how to formulate answers that address the requirements of the different question types.

Bite-sized Practices and Quizzes

Our lesson materials, developed in-house based on a test-teach-reflect approach, help our students revise more effectively, identify gaps in their knowledge and skills, and reinforce their understanding.

Key Exam Techniques & Skills

We teach our students smart exam strategies such as time management, proper use of checking and editing techniques, and how to interpret examination rubrics.

Effective Live Online Lessons

Our teachers are trained to conduct highly effective virtual lessons, making use of structured lesson plans and various tools and techniques to ensure students learn actively through interactive class discussions with immediate feedback given.

Programme Details

(Please note that all our lessons are conducted in English.)


6-week programme for each subject

2h per lesson

Class timings are based on SG/MY time zone



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Delivery Mode

All our lessons are conducted online using Zoom. 

Your child will get to interact with their teacher and classmates in real-time.

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