IGCSE Exam Prep – Biology

This programme is open to students taking the IGCSE 0610 (Biology) core/extended syllabuses.

Throughout the 6 sessions, students will hone their analytical skills and conceptual understanding to avoid common pitfalls during the examination. Students can expect to learn how to identify key concepts and phrases to tackle open-ended questions with confidence across a large number of topics covered in the paper.

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  • This programme is open to students taking the IGCSE 0610 (Biology) core/extended syllabuses.
  • This programme is designed for students to review the key topics for the IGCSE examination and focuses on honing students’ mastery in question and data analysis, answering techniques and error analysis. Students learn essential strategies such as how to identify key concepts and key phrases in the answering of open-ended questions and to avoid common misconceptions and common pitfalls made when answering and analysing questions.
  • Worked examples introduce students to common answering techniques that guide them in completing the formative assessment tests. Each test for each topic exposes students to a comprehensive range of common exam questions to ensure that students consolidate all the important key concepts through attempting questions of increasing difficulty. This will help students to reinforce conceptual understanding, learn how to accurately analyse and apply concepts and ultimately, achieve exam excellence.

Session Details

Session Topics Outcomes
1 ·         Characteristics and Classification of Living Organisms

·         Organisation of the Organism

·         Movement In and Out of Cells

·         Describe and classify and living things

·         Describe cell structures and level of organisation of organisms

·         Describe the processes by which substances move

2 ·         Biological Molecules

·         Enzymes

·         Human Nutrition

·         List and describe three types of biological molecules and how to test for them

·         Describe what enzymes are and explain how they work

·         Describe the process of digestion in relation to the human alimentary canal

3 ·         Transport in Plants

·         Transport in Animals

·         Describe how substances are transported in plants in relation to plant structures

·         Describe circulation in terms of the circulatory system in animals

4 ·         Plant Nutrition

·         Respiration

·         Excretion in Humans

·         Define photosynthesis and explain what factors affect it

·         Describe the process of gaseous exchange in humans and cellular respiration

·         Describe the excretory system in humans, especially the functions of the kidneys

5 ·         Coordination and Response

·         Reproduction

·         Describe how humans respond to their external and internal environments in relation to the nervous and endocrine systems

·         Describe reproduction in terms of plant and human reproductive systems

6 ·         Inheritance

·         Organisms and their environment

·         Biotechnology and genetic engineering


·         Explain inheritance as the transmission of genetic information and describe cellular processes relating to it

·         Describe the ecological interactions between organisms and how humans interact with the natural environment

·         Describe how microorganisms are used in genetic engineering and the manufacture of useful goods


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