IGCSE Exam Prep – Mathematics

This programme is open to students taking the IGCSE 0580 (Mathematics) and 0607 (International Mathematics) core/extended syllabuses.

Over the course of 6 sessions, students will learn how to tackle common exam questions and key topics students typically struggle with including Geometry, Trigonometry, Mensuration and Algebra. These topics make up a significant percentage of the examination. See the Programme Details section below for a more comprehensive look at the programme.

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• This programme is open to students taking the IGCSE 0580 (Mathematics) and 0607 (International Mathematics) core/extended syllabuses.
• The programme covers selected key topics which students typically have difficulty with, namely, Geometry, Trigonometry, Mensuration and Algebra, and which comprise a significant percentage in the examinations.
• For each topic, worked examples are provided to help students to review key concepts for the topic and introduces common answering techniques that guide them in completing the formative assessment quizzes. Each quiz for each topic exposes students to a comprehensive range of common exam questions to help students to reinforce conceptual understanding, learn how to accurately analyse and apply concepts and ultimately, achieve exam excellence.

Session Details

Session Topics Outcomes
1 ·         Algebra (Fundamental Algebra, Expansion and Factorisation, Linear & Quadratic Equations)

·         Solving Inequalities

·         Quadratic Graphs

·         Solve problems involving algebra

·         Solve problems involving quadratic graphs

·         Solve inequalities


2 ·         Indices, Surds & Standard form

·         Coordinate geometry

·         Simplify, evaluate and solve expressions/equations involving indices

·         Simplify simple expressions involving surds

·         Solve problems involving standard form

·         Solve problems involving coordinate geometry

3 ·         Trigonometry (Includes Pythagoras’ Theorem)

·         Further Trigonometry

·         Apply trigonometry rules involving right-angled triangles to solve problems

·         Apply Sine and Cosine rule to solve problems

·         Find area of a triangle using 1/2absinc

·         Solve problems involving bearings

4 ·         Functions

·         Graphs Transformation


·         Translate a graph, given its original

·         Find the inverse and composite function, given its original

5 ·         Mensuration


·         Solve problems involving area and perimeter

·         Find the surface area and volume of prisms, cylinders, spheres and composite solids

·         Find the arc length and sector area of a circle

6 ·         Geometric Properties of circles

·         Angle properties


·         Solve problems involving angle properties

·         Solve problems involving geometrical properties of circles


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