IGCSE Power Boost – English

Our IGCSE Power Boost – English is designed to help students master the skills needed to excel in the Cambridge IGCSE English First Language (0500) and Cambridge IGCSE (9-1) English – First Language 0990 Paper 1 (Reading) and Paper 2 (Writing).

Each of the 6 lessons in this programme is strategically designed to tackle the exam questions.  Students can expect to learn how to critically analyse task requirements, extract salient information, structure and write a narrative essay, apply literary techniques and form compelling responses, among other skills. See the Programme Details section below for a more comprehensive look at the programme.

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Registration for this revision programme has closed for students taking the IGCSE June 2021 Exams. For students taking the IGCSE November 2021 Exams, please check back this page for updates.




This programme is open to students taking Paper 1 (Reading) and Paper 2 (Writing) papers for the Cambridge IGCSE English – First Language (0500) and Cambridge IGCSE (9-1) English – First Language 0990.

Duration: 12 hours over 6 weeks (2 hours per session)

Mode: Online


Paper 1 (Reading)

Students will be taught how to tackle the crucial structured questions as well as the extended writing question. They will be taught specific approaches on how to tackle each question type with ample in-class practice to ensure that students will be able to respond to the range of questions in the examination.


Paper 2 (Writing)

Students will be taught writing techniques for the two key question types – narrative and descriptive writing, so that they are able to write more engaging essays that address examination requirements. Students will be guided through sample essays to help them clearly understand the examiners’ expectations. Students will also have the opportunity to do micro-writing to develop the skills taught, and receive immediate feedback from their teacher to ensure significant improvement in their writing techniques for the examination.


Class Dates (Singapore Standard Time)

  • Thu 11 Mar (5pm)
  • Thu 18 Mar (5pm)
  • Thu 25 Mar (5pm)
  • Thu 1 Apr (5pm)
  • Thu 8 Apr (5pm)
  • Thu 15 Apr (5pm)


Session Details

Session Skills
1 and 2 Paper 1 Narrative Writing

Question analysis (understanding key requirements)

Planning and structuring a narrative essay

Language skills (using descriptive and sensory details to bring the story to life)

Application of skills taught

Analysis of a sample essay

3 and 4 Paper 1 Descriptive Writing

·       Key features of Descriptive Writing

·       Drawing from personal experience to make writing realistic and engaging

·       Crafting a compelling introduction

·       Applying literary techniques to enhance description

·       Application of skills taught

·       Analysis of a sample essay

5 Paper 2 Reading – Tackling the Structured questions

·       Close reading techniques

·       Question analysis (understanding key requirements of

·       various question types) for each question type (Direct, Inferential, In your Own Words and Language based questions)

·       Structuring responses completely and coherently

6 Paper 2 Reading – Tackling the Extended Question

·       Analysing task requirements

·       Extracting salient information from text to address task requirements

·       Structuring the response in a logical and coherent manner

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