IGCSE Power Boost – Mathematics

Having a solid understanding of mathematical concepts is key, not just memorising formulas.

Our IGCSE Power Boost – Mathematics is designed to help students grasp and apply key mathematical formulas and concepts to score well in the A*-G Cambridge Graded IGCSE 0580 (Mathematics) and 0607 (International Mathematics) core/extended syllabuses.

Over the course of 6 sessions, students will learn how to tackle common exam questions and key topics students typically struggle with including Geometry, Trigonometry, Mensuration and Algebra. These topics make up a significant percentage of the examination. See the Programme Details section below for a more comprehensive look at the programme.

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Registration for this revision programme has closed for students taking the IGCSE June 2021 Exams. For students taking the IGCSE November 2021 Exams, please check back this page for updates.




This programme is open to students taking the A*-G Cambridge Graded IGCSE 0580 (Mathematics) and 0607 (International Mathematics) Core and Extended syllabuses.

Duration: 12 hours over 6 weeks (2 hours per session)

Mode: Online


The programme covers selected key topics which students typically have difficulty with, such as Geometry, Trigonometry, Mensuration and Algebra. These topics also make up a significant percentage in the examinations.


For each topic, students will be exposed to common exam questions from selected past years questions in the form of an assessment test. To help students tackle these questions, practice questions will be given to further hone their mastery in the concepts tested. Additionally, students will also get a consolidation of all the important key concepts and formulae. This will help students to reinforce conceptual understanding, learn how to accurately analyse and apply concepts and ultimately, achieve exam excellence.


Class Dates (Singapore Standard Time)

  • Thu 11 Mar (7:30pm)
  • Thu 18 Mar (7:30pm)
  • Thu 25 Mar (7:30pm)
  • Thu 1 Apr (7:30pm)
  • Thu 8 Apr (7:30pm)
  • Thu 15 Apr (7:30pm)


Session Details

Session Topics
1 ·       Quadratic Graphs

·       Solving Inequalities

·       Functions

2 ·       Indices & Surds

·       Standard form

·       Coordinate geometry

3 ·       Trigonometry (Includes Pythagoras’ Theorem)

·       Further Trigonometry

4 ·       Mensuration

·       Circular Measure

5 ·       Geometric Properties of circles

·       Angle properties

·       2D Vectors




·  Differentiation

·  Maxima and Minima



·     Functions and Graphs Transformation (require use of graphic calculator)

·     Modulus

·     Surds

*Session 6: Students will be split into different classes based on the syllabus that they are taking.

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