IGCSE Power Boost – Physics

When studying for a large number of topics, strategic revision paves the way to excellence.

Our IGCSE Power Boost Programme – Physics is designed to help students master the skills needed to tackle the Cambridge IGCSE 0625 (Physics) Core/Extended syllabuses with confidence.

All the topics covered in the examination are spread over 6 sessions. Each session aims to give students a better understanding of key concepts and ways to apply them as well as how to spot errors to avoid them. Students will also learn how to identify the right concepts and phrases to answer open-ended questions and avoid common pitfalls. See the Programme Details section below for a more comprehensive look at the programme.

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Registration for this revision programme has closed for students taking the IGCSE June 2021 Exams. For students taking the IGCSE November 2021 Exams, please check back this page for updates.




This revision programme is designed for students taking the 0625 IGCSE examination. The programme is open to students taking the IGCSE 0625 (Physics) Core and Extended syllabuses.

Duration: 12 hours over 6 weeks (2 hours per session)

Mode: Online


This programme is designed for students to revise key topics for the IGCSE examination and focuses on honing students’ mastery in question and data analysis, answering techniques and error analysis. Students learn essential strategies such as how to identify key concepts and key phrases for open-ended questions, and to avoid common misconceptions and common pitfalls.


Formative assessment tests for each topic expose students to a comprehensive range of common exam questions to ensure that students are able to consolidate all the key concepts through attempting questions of increasing difficulty. This will help students to reinforce conceptual understanding, learn how to accurately analyse and apply concepts and ultimately, achieve exam excellence.


Class Dates (Singapore Standard Time)

  • Tue 16 Mar (7:30pm)
  • Tue 23 Mar (7:30pm)
  • Tue 30 Mar (7:30pm)
  • Tue 6 Apr (7:30pm)
  • Tue 13 Apr (7:30pm)
  • Tue 20 Apr (7:30pm)


Session Details

Session Topics
1 General physics

·       Motion

·       Mass and weight

·       Density

·       Forces

2 General physics

·       Momentum

·       Energy, work and power

·       Pressure

3 Thermal physics

·       Simple kinetic model of matter

·       Thermal properties and temperature

·       Thermal processes

4 Properties of waves, including light and sound

·       General wave properties

·       Light

·       Electromagnetic spectrum

·       Sound

5 Electricity and magnetism

·       Simple phenomena of magnetism

·       Electric circuits

·       Digital electronics

·       Electromagnetic effects

6 Atomic physics

·       The nuclear atom

·       Radioactivity

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