Young Writers’ Series – Writing Styles and Techniques

Having the right techniques at your child’s disposal helps him or her write more captivating pieces.
Our Young Writers’ Series – Writing Styles and Techniques is designed to equip your child with knowledge of different literary techniques. From writing techniques like personification and twists to writing styles including personal diary and letters, your child will learn how to write more thoughtful and engaging pieces.

This programme is available only to students studying outside of Singapore. Class timings are in SG/MY time zone. For students in Singapore, visit The Learning Lab Singapore.

We offer an exclusive money-back guarantee* after the first session.

*If you are not satisfied with the programme after the first lesson, you may withdraw and get the fees for the remaining sessions fully refunded to you.




This programme will teach students a wide range of literary techniques that they can use to make their writing more engaging.


Recommended Age Group: 10-12 years old
Prerequisites: Basic grammar knowledge (understanding of simple grammar rules), Basic writing abilities (able to craft short paragraphs without guidance)
Duration: 12 hours over 6 weeks (2 hours per session)
Mode: Online


Students will learn how to identify and apply a variety of literary techniques through sample writings and mini writing exercises. Besides that, several writing styles will be introduced to expand their writing repertoire. With a clear understanding of the purpose of writing, students will be able to produce thoughtful and engaging writing pieces that captivate readers.


Students can expect to learn how to apply intermediate writing techniques like personification, twist and more. Students will also learn three different styles of writing such as personal diary and formal and informal letters. For each lesson, students will be guided by their teacher through a series of short exercises to hone their writing abilities as well as analyse sample writing pieces.

Session Details

Session Topic
1 Introduction to Basic Literary Techniques
2 Introduction to Intermediate Literary Techniques Part 1
3 Introduction to Intermediate Literary Techniques Part 2
4 Introduction to Different Writing Styles
5 Recap of Writing Styles Through Analysis of Model Essays
6 Introduction to Formal and Informal Letters

Key Programme Highlights

  • Learn up to 9 different literary techniques
  • Apply these literary techniques in their writing
  • Learn how to write in three different styles: diary entry, narrative and a formal letter

Class Schedule

Every Mon & Tue (12.30pm – 2.30pm) beginning 13 Dec
Mon 13 Dec, Tue 14 Dec
Mon 20 Dec, Tue 21 Dec
Mon 27 Dec, Tue 28 Dec


Every Tue & Wed (10am – 12pm & 5.15pm – 7.15pm) beginning 14 Dec
Tue 14 Dec, Wed 15 Dec
Tue 21 Dec, Wed 22 Dec
Tue 28 Dec, Wed 29 Dec

(Class timings are in Malaysia time zone)