Young Problem Solvers' Series

Problem Solving with Heuristics (I)

For 8 to 10-year-olds

Mathematics is more than solving an equation such as x2 + 2x + 1, the beauty lies in using Mathematics to solve real-world problems. This programme teaches students useful heuristics – a set of problem-solving strategies that will help them discover the best and most practical ways to solve problems.

Students will be taught question analysis skills, learn 4 categories of heuristics and apply them to solve real-world problems including higher-order thinking problems.

Registration has ended and our programme will return in 2022.

This programme is available only to students studying outside of Singapore. Class timings are in SG/MY time zone. For students in Singapore, visit The Learning Lab Singapore.

Programme Details

(Please note that all our lessons are conducted in English.)


Programme will return in 2022


S$200/full programme
(Approximately RM620)

Money-Back Guarantee

We offer a money-back guarantee* after the first session. 

Delivery Mode

All our lessons are conducted online using Zoom. 

Your child will get to interact with their teacher and classmates in real-time.

What is the Model Method?

Programme Highlights

Students will learn to create visual representations, make calculated guesses, going through the process and simplifying the process. Develop math literacy and question analysis skills through identifying keywords, identify common errors and learn to correct them and most of all, learn Math in a fun way – students will apply what they have learnt to collect clues to solve a mystery at the end of the programme.

Part 1 of the programme covers these heuristics: Make a systematic list, Find a pattern, Work backwards, Restate the problem, Model drawing


Session 1

Students will learn how to:

  • Solve word problems by making a list of possible combinations
  • Solve word problems involving patterns in figures by listing
  • Solve word problems involving number patterns by listing

Session 2

Students will learn how to:

  • Identify and complete figure patterns
  • Identify and complete number patterns involving the use of four operations – addition, subtraction, multiplication and division

Session 3

Students will learn how to:

  • Solve word problems involving addition and subtraction by working backwards 
  • Solve word problems involving multiplication and division by working backwards 

Session 4

Students will learn how to:

  • Solve unknown variables in picture equations by restating the problem
  • Solve picture equations involving addition and subtraction
  • Solve picture equations involving multiplication and division

Session 5

Students will learn how to:

  • Solve word problems by model drawing 
  • Revise and apply concepts from Sessions 1 to 4 to solve problems 
  • Conduct error analysis involving calculation error, transfer error or conceptual error from the solutions presented

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