Young Writers' Series

Fundamentals of Story Writing

For 10 to 12-year-olds

Develop and train your child on the fundamentals of story writing through good plot-planning techniques. We work on strengthening and solidifying their writing skills with exposure to a variety of words and expressions. Your child will be writing compelling stories in no time.

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This programme is available only to students studying outside of Singapore. Class timings are in SG/MY time zone. For students in Singapore, visit The Learning Lab Singapore.

Programme Details

(Please note that all our lessons are conducted in English.)

Class Timings

Every Mon & Wed
10am – 12pm 

Beginning 6 Dec


S$240/full programme
(Approximately RM744)

Money-Back Guarantee

We offer a money-back guarantee* after the first session. Sign up now.

Delivery Mode

All our lessons are conducted online using Zoom. 

Your child will get to interact with their teacher and classmates in real-time.

Programme Highlights

Help your child build a firm foundation in composition writing today. Guided by our passionate teachers using engaging topics and visuals, your child can look forward to mastering the fundamentals of good story writing.

Here is what we will cover in our lessons in order to take your child’s writing to the next level.

Session 1

Students will learn how to:
  • Plan a narrative story
  • Brainstorm for different story ideas 
  • Write an effective introduction and rising action

Session 2

Students will learn how to:
  • Craft a compelling climax
  • Develop a fulfilling conclusion
  • Analyse a piece of model writing

Session 3

Students will learn how to:
  • Set a scene with 5 senses description
  • Use show-not-tell to make their characters come to life
  • Add interest to their stories with effective use of dialogue and character thoughts

Session 4

Students will learn how to:
  • Use slow-motion to engage their readers
  • Develop a logical and realistic story

Session 5

Students will learn how to:
  • Identify the features of a science fiction story
  • Analyse extracts from famous stories

Session 6

Students will learn how to:
  • Brainstorm for creative science fiction ideas
  • Develop fun and unique characters for a science fiction story
  • Write a story using creative writing prompts

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